Sunday Wind Up

I've been quite the little water chemist today. I've tested the pool water no less than three times. I'm having issues with pH. I can't get it above 6.8, despite the addition of close to ten pounds of soda ash this weekend. Because the pH is too low, the effectiveness of the chlorine treatments and other attempts to kill the algal bloom is dramatically reduced. I'll keep working on getting the pH up to the 7.2-7.8 range this week, then work on the chlorine levels and algal killing. Supposedly the algacide I bought will work just as well when the pH is out of balance, but that doesn't appear to be quite true. Or else the algae I have are just far too studly to be killed by some measly half gallon of algacide. I suppose I should be happy I'm not having my own Red Tide. Oddly enough, I'm starting to like the green color....

HP7 Progress
NOT! I just can't get into it at the moment. I think the piling up of everything else on my plate lately has just not left any energy or motivation for reading. The last time a Harry Potter book came out I read the whole thing in two days because I couldn't put it down. Now I can't really be bothered to pick it up. That's a sure sign that things are out of balance, methinks. Time to follow my own advice about spending time just for me every day and regain my balance. Too many things are pulling me in too many directions right now.

I did NOT put my toes in the dryer....

I was having a phone conversation with Mitch today and I attempted to tell him that I have observed quite a few toads out in the yard lately. He thought I said "I have toes." Needless to say he was a bit confused as to why I a) hadn't found my toes until now and b) felt the need to tell him that I had some. I tried to explain that toads are like frogs but drier. The confusion continued as he thought I had put the toads in the dryer and proceeded to ask why on earth I would do that. Then my toes were in the dryer, which was really confusing since the dryer won't run if the door is ajar. And my toes were amphibious at one point. By the time we got it all figured out, we were laughing hysterically. I don't even want to know if my toes were going to need ironing.

I suspect that "I've got to go take the toads/toes out of the dryer" will become something of a catch-phrase. Just as "but I could fall out" (said in your best 3 year old voice of authority) has become. I'll explain that one later.

The Toad
This, by the way. is the toad to which I was referring, along with two others that look an awful lot like it. This one lives under the deck. I've been filling the pot saucer with water for him/her. Today it hung out in the "pool" and even sat on the edge for a while. I saw no evidence of umbrella drinks or cabana boys, but there's no telling what sort of mischief s/he will get up to while I'm at work tomorrow.

The other two toads live in the front flower bed and down by the people swimming pool with other larger toads.

And Now To Bed
with some Tylenol, a Diet Pepsi and the Harry Potter book. I can only hope that my headache dissipates and that I don't burp through my nose in my sleep.


Mitch said…
Nice writeup, Dot!


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