Observations from Today

The ice cream truck comes to my neighborhood!! COOL! It makes such a happy little noise, even if I didn't buy anything. Of course, I was also way at the back of the backyard, so I wasn't likely to catch the happy ice cream truck anyway. I might have to buy some raspberry sorbet the next time I go grocery shopping.

I found a monarch butterfly caterpillar in my garden today. It must be ready to pupate as it's on my dill plants. Monarch caterpillars only eat milkweed leaves, so it's not going to be eating my dill plants or anything else in my garden. Usually they stay on the milkweed plant until it's time to find a nice quiet place to pupate. Once the caterpillar has molted into the pupa, it's 9-12 days until the butterfly emerges.

My pool is a very popular spot for some wasp-like insects. They land on it and take drinks. They will also land on you if you're floating in the pool and have water drops on you. This tickles.

It's actually pretty fun swimming back and forth across my pool. I'm not very good at swimming (out of practice), so it's even a bit tiring. I need to talk to Mitch and get him to tell me again about the exercises his physical therapy guy had him doing in the pool. He told me once, but I have completely forgotten.

It's difficult to make cookies when the parts to the mixer are in the dishwasher (which is running). So the cookie baking plans are now delayed, probably until tomorrow since it's already 7:30pm. I guess I'll do some laundry and clean the house instead. Sigh.


C. H. Green said…
Haven't stopped in in awhile. Hope you're doing well.

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