Veggie Pr0n!

I have zucchini. I *swear* that I picked zucchini on Saturday and the big ones weren't there. It rained all day on Sunday, so I didn't get to the garden. Today, I go out there and what do I find? Not one, but TWO zucchini large enough to eat Cleveland. In case you think that this isn't really very many zucchini, please keep in mind that I have this many of them already in the fridge.... Tomorrow I'll slice or grate and freeze a bunch of them. I also had a thought today that I could make zucchini-potato pancakes. I bet they'd taste pretty good.

Soon there will be Tomatoes!!
No doubt they will ripen completely while I'm out of town. There is just a blush of pink developing on some of them. The plants are very heavy with fruit. I can hardly wait until it's time for tomato sammiches. I fully intend to eat myself silly with tomatoes this summer. If I can't keep up with them, I may have to can some of them for this winter.

Pool Pool Pool!
Well, I've got the chlorine up to the right level. Still need to get the pH up a bit. I scooped up the leaves off the bottom of the pool today, then got the pool vacuum out. The water is kinda murky and has a greenish tinge to it. This isn't good. I added another package of shock and left the filter running. I'll add some pH increaser tomorrow and some clarifier too. I really want to get things in good shape this week since I'll be gone all next week and the pool will have to get by on its own. Then I'll spend the week after that trying to get things back to working conditions again. Ugh. I need a pool boy. He should build me a deck for the pool too.


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