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I saw this bit of spam on rec.food.preserving, of all things. It's about the Beatles causing "the disintegration of mankind". I don't know about you, but I haven't seen any disintegrating humans wandering around other than in horror flicks, perhaps they meant "human society". The 1960s were also apparently evil since they contained the number 6 and John Lennon is the anti-Christ. The latter bit is interesting since I'd always heard that the anti-Christ was supposed to be born in the US Midwest on Christmas 1966. I realize the Beatles were young when they made their introduction as a group, but I suspect Mr. Lennon was a bit older than that and I'm positive that Liverpool isn't in the US midwest. At least not that particular Liverpool.

On a related note, some time ago there was a large argument/discussion about the apparent evils of microwave ovens. Part of the argument referenced this article, which is chock-full of inaccuracies. I particularly like the assertion that the Sun operates on the principle of direct current. What I want to know is who gets to change the batteries in the sun. I wonder what these people would do if they really knew the sun operated on the principle of NUCLEAR FUSION, that it shoots out ionizing radiation irradiating constantly and actually causes cancer.


Stefaneener said…
Don't get me started. I'm in no way a scientist -- I'm practically science-illiterate, but a woman I know slightly was pontificating to a bunch of other acquaintances that "when you heat olive oil, it becomes hydrogenated." I simply butted in and said, "I don't think that's true at all. Hydrogenization needs high pressure - not the kind you have at home -- to slap on a hydrogen atom to the fat molecules. I did some research" (which I did when a homeopath told my sister the same thing about the oil.

Sheesh. It just gets to me. Why can't people ever use a phrase such as "I think. . . " or "I may be mistaken, but based on this evidence, XYZ, it seems. . ." Or else just keep quiet unless they actually know a, well, a FACT?

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