I'm logical, I can't help it!

However, it has a downside... life rarely is logical and humans even less so.

I have been told at work that the regular, everyday epidemiology work is beneath my skills and abilities. This is interesting, given that I thought I was hired to actually do epidemiology work. Apparently non-epi-trained staff are to do the infectious disease investigations.

This leaves me to do data entry. Data entry that a half-trained monkey could do successfully. How is this NOT a misuse of my skills and abilities? This is even less brain-involved than routine epi investigations. No offense to anybody who does data entry jobs, but I did not go to graduate school for eight years to get my PhD so that I could do nothing but data entry. I went to graduate school so that I could do epi investigations. Investigations which I am unlikely to ever be allowed to do at my current job the way things are currently structured.

I'm trying really hard to not have a bad attitude at work, but I know I don't win that battle some days. I'm trying to not resent my co-workers who do get to do epi work. I socialize less and less at work because I know my attitude is going south. Grrrrrr.

So, I'll kick my problem-solving skills into high gear and redouble my efforts at finding new employment. I hear Delaware is seeking a new state epidemiologist (though I'm not quite qualified for that one...yet).

Dinner tonight from my garden:
Mixed green salad with radishes and cucumbers and fried green tomatoes. I "cheated" and had watermelon from the grocery store. I've never been very lucky at growing melons.

Pickle! Pickle! Pickle!
I picked up a case of pint jars at a discount store today. I've decided to go ahead and try making pickles. For $6.50, even if I goof everything up, I'll still have entertained myself for an afternoon. And I might even get some nice pickles out of the deal.

Stupid Computer
Well, probably stupid user, but I'd rather blame the computer. :o) I tried to sort the bookmarks in the "knitting" folder by alphabetical order. Instead, I sorted all the bookmarks (folders and loose bookmarks) in alphabetical order. Bookmarks *within* folders are still unsorted. So now I get to re-organize things again. Sigh....


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