I am a BUM!

I have yet to work on my presentation for the conference next week. I also haven't gotten around to finding out when the presentations are (there will be two of them) or even when the meeting for the presenters will be. Oopsie. Then again, I still need to finish packing.

On the other hand, I did caulk the leak in my car, vacuum said car, clean the pool and clean/dry/fold/put away the pool cover, clean the kitchen, vacuum the house and do some laundry. I'll pop out of my chair here in about 10 minutes and get to the packing. By about 9pm I should be done with the initial selection of everything. Then I'll put about half of it back in the closet/drawer/shelf and put what's left in the suitcase.

Ok, time's up. Gotta go pack!


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