HP7 Day has Arrived!

I debated staying up to midnight last night to get the book, but decided about 4pm that would be silly. Picked it up this morning during my Saturday errand trip. I even sat down with it for about 30 minutes (as a break before getting back to the household chores), but only got about 15 minutes worth of reading in. Spent the rest of the afternoon working on the house and yard. I had meant to get back to the book, but got sidetracked. On the other hand, I did get the kitchen completely cleaned up (including cleaning off the kitchen table) and I found the slicing/grating disk for the food processor. Now i just need to start shredding zucchini and slicing cukes. W00t!

Why I always have too much going on at once:
I dislike giving up on things and on shutting the door on opportunities and possibilities. This is a problem. Instead of focusing on a few things and doing them well, I feel the need to do everything. You see, I might pick to focus on the wrong thing while other people get to do the "fun" stuff. I'm like one of the hyperactive dogs on The Dog Whisperer. I need rules, boundaries and limitations. The trick is to pick the right ones. I *hate* being the Alpha. Well, actually, no I don't. I hate not knowing if my Alpha decisions are right or not, but as Rush says ever so eloquently, "If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice." Given that trying to do everything at least a little bit is presently not working for me, methinks it's time to start narrowing things down and thinking critically about what I do with my time and energies and why I do it. The Buddhist in me is clamoring to quit with the clinging and get on with the letting go.

Why is it....
that I am never as exhausted and ready for bed as on the nights that I have washed the sheets and NOT re-made the bed? And why do I never remember to make the bed right away when the sheets come out of the dryer, but let it go and then forget all about it until I do want to go to bed? You'd think a smart person like me would learn from this, given that I do it almost weekly. :o)

Oh, did I mention...
that a co-worker I rarely work with called me highly intelligent at work yesterday when he introduced me to someone? And he specifically said he meant that as a compliment. Tommy's a good guy. He's got one of my favorite personalities--highly competent, sneakily obnoxious and absolutely dependable to those he chooses. I'd trust him to watch my back and I can count on him to be absolutely honest about critiquing things and to be devious in attempting to test the system.

HP7 Update (and no, I am NOT reading Hewlett-Packard Manual)
It is now 9:30pm and I have NOT read more than 15 minutes of my book. Oddly enough, I'm ok with that.


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