Creature from the Green Lagoon

Well, no creature, unless you count the miscellaneous dead bugs floating in the pool. But the Green Lagoon is definitely there. However, I've now dumped almost a quart of algacide into the Green Lagoon, so with any luck, it might actually be more like a swimming pool by tomorrow evening. I'll let the filter circulate the chemicals through the system tonight, then vacuum things tomorrow.

I'd love to just hang out in the pool tomorrow night, but I should mow the lawn again instead. Apparently there was sufficient rain last week to cause the grass to go into growth overdrive. I even need to get out the weed whacker again. While I'm at it, I ought to lube the mower parts. It's already had its 25 hour oil change, but it's due for a good grease job.

As for tonight, I have just paid my bills and I'm going to sit here and knit. I would like to finish the first clue of the Mystery Stole before the end of the week, when Clue #4 comes out. I've got just enough brain left this evening to be able to handle that. I need to get to bed early too. I've been really tired lately.

An Annoyance
I found out that someone else has an Etsy shop using a business name I came up with about five years ago. Fortunately I have had the domain registered for some time so I can at least sell things through the website once I'm ready to do that. On the other hand, this annoyance is driving me to get things put together and start doing business. We'll see how long that lasts. :o)

More Job Plans
It occurred to me today, as I listened to a CDC webcast presentation, that I should apply for the Epidemic Intelligence Service. I had been incorrectly advised years ago that EIS positions were only rarely given to people without clinical degrees. I have since been informed that this is indeed not the case and have been encouraged to apply. The deadline isn't until September of this year so I have plenty of time to get the paperwork assembled and get letters of reference sent in. Best case scenario, I could start a new job next summer. Many positions are in Atlanta, but EIS officers are also placed with state health departments around the country.

Getting Things Done
Still working on catching up on household chores. Today I cleaned up the kitchen a bit, did the dishes, paid the bills and will fold the laundry. I need to clean off my desks, clean off the kitchen table and shred some paperwork.

One of the things I discovered while I was gone was some goofy black balls of stuff by one of my house plants. At first I thought it was dirt or mold. Then I noticed the leaves were all chewed up. I put the plant outside and discovered a CATERPILLAR! Turns out the black balls of stuff are caterpillar poop. Who knew?!

Food Idea for the Weekend:
Frogmore Stew. It's actually a veggie boil with Old Bay Seasoning. All I need is to pick up some corn and Old Bay Seasoning and I'm good to go!

Quote of the Day:
"If it's not stuck and it should be, use duct tape. If it is stuck and it shouldn't be, use WD-40." That pretty much just sums it all up, doesn't it.


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