Pack Rat!

Packing at least. I'm headed out in the morning for a week in New Orleans. I took the day off since I figured I'd be just about useless at work given the news about DZD's death. I was right too. I'm way more distractable and unable to focus than usual. I had to sit down and write a list of things to do, then start checking them off to actually get anything accomplished. I spent the first part of the day skipping around between things but not finishing anything. My coffee is still sitting in the microwave after being reheated twice and forgotten both times. I am able to focus with the list as a reminder though so I should be able to get packed and not forget anything too important.

New Orleans

I'll be at the annual RAD conference for the first part of the week, then will have Friday and Saturday to do whatever we want with my best buddy Mitch. I'll be staying in the Central Business District, so the French Quarter will be within walking distance. Of course, I'll have to eat beignets at Cafe du Monde at least twice, perhaps during my morning constitutional! Right next door is a shop that sells pralines. Yum! And of course, one must have a muffuletta at The Central Grocery. Beyond that, I want to visit the two fire stations I was at during the week after Hurricane Katrina: Decatur Street (in the French Quarter) and Magazine Street (Garden District). I imagine things will look quite different now. Canal Street won't be full of news trucks. The vast majority of vehicles won't be military trucks and there won't be snipers hanging out at the fire station.

I listen to the Walks of a Lifetime podcast and have gotten some ideas from the episode on New Orleans. I must remember to take my camera and battery charger too.

Speaking of DZD

It looks like the visitation and funeral will be next weekend. Logistically, I don't see how I can get there. I think she'd understand.

The part about this whole deal that bothers me isn't so much that she's gone. I'm ok with that. These things happen. The part that bothers me is that I was just about to send her e-mail and see what she was up to. Even though I usually didn't get a response, I tried to send mail every month or two to say hi and sometimes give an update on what I had been doing. I know she read this blog occasionally too.

I have two small skeins of yarn that DZD bought me in Edinburgh, Scotland when she was at a conference one year. All shades of purple from palest lavender to grape were DZD's favorite color. She also wore a lot of shawls, stoles and wraps. For quite some time I have been intending to knit her a shawl in a pale shade of purple. In fact, that intention is why I started the Kiri Shawl so I could practice lace shawl knitting. I never did completely settle on a pattern or yarn, but had been compiling ideas. I may have to get a decision made and get started.


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