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Preparing and observing vs. doing

It seems to me that we are slowly becoming a nation of observers. Reading about what others are doing on social media. Watching what others do on reality shows. Living vicariously. Engaging in less activity. Less learning. Less doing ourselves. Less interaction with the world around us.

Certainly being an observer is a lower level of effort, but it seems to be a rather limited existence and might lead to general dissatisfaction with life. The self-help industry keeps showing us what to do to become better, but how many people get hung up in hopping from one coach, program or system to the next without really putting the instruction into practice long term? We want and have, perhaps, come to expect instant improvement, but long-term behavioral changes and the benefits they bring do not generally have quick results. Learning, practicing and honing new skills and behaviors takes time. Enduring results take time.We need to be persistent and consistent for long-term change.

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