Summing Up

It's been an eventful year in some ways, not so much in others.

Moved across the country. Started a new job with a new organization. Got a promotion. Finished a half marathon, but didn't keep up the exercise habit.

I sort of started training for the half marathon I'll be in three weeks from now. Had bits of success in improving how I eat and in getting to the gym, then fell back into lazy, unhelpful habits mostly as a result of talking myself into not making the effort, despite knowing that I would be sabotaging successes. I am clearly my worst enemy in this respect.

Managed to lose my Tidying Up book while packing, unpacking and tidying up. Oh the irony....

Read 45 books, which is a good accomplishment, but seems smaller than I'd expected. I do seem to read in fits and starts though so I suppose it's fairly accurate to be around one book a week. I think I can definitely keep it around one book a week. Over the past few years, I've discovered

Need to work on implementing the plans I make. I'm good at planning. Actually executing the plan is less successful.  I seem to think that if I write out what I should do that it'll automatically happen. I have yet to automatically end up in the gym on a regular basis. Instead I have regular arguments with myself about whehter or not I'll get out of bed in time to go. Or I'll get sucked into e-mail or reading the news and then the time is gone. (Clearly the solution there is to NOT read e-mail or news before getting out of bed and instead shift that to AFTER the workout.  If I have time to read things for two hours before going to work, I have the time to get to the gym before work. The world will not end if I don't read my e-mail before work, especially if I read it right before I go to bed.)

Finished 9 knitting projects, mostly socks. Some of these were older projects and some were projects started in 2015. I currently seem to like getting things out of the ancient queue. The ancient project currently receiving attention is a pair of lace socks that I started fifteen years ago and struggled with until I set them aside. I'm halfway through the second sock now.

Haven't done much writing here or in my journal. Haven't really even done that much pondering. I spent far too much time and energy on work and not nearly enough on replenishing my brain's resources. The end result was that I got well and thoroughly burned out over the last 12-18 months. I've since fixed that problem and got unburned. I don't know that I'm back to 100% but I'm nearly there and feeling a lot more creative, satisfied, and relaxed. I look forward to going to work. I have the energy to do things I want to do and work on my goals in the evenings. Life is good again.

Did some tourist things. Should probably do more.


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