Race Recap

The 2016 Disney Star Wars Half Marathon was again a fun race to be in. I didn't feel particularly well prepared, but I managed to run-walk my way through it in a slightly faster time than last year. I also recovered much better and faster than last year. I had very little pain after the race and was completely pain free by two days after.

 The 501st Legion was again out in force around Mile 8, which definitely boosted morale.

 There were several Star Wars themed show cars along the Garden Grove part of the course.
 The race really skewed my iPhone's activity meter. I don't carry my phone at work and I workout on a treadmill, so it doesn't think I do much at all.

Since the race, I've gotten back into the habit of working out and have been following the Galloway training plan for the 2016 Dark Side Half in April. Today I did a 4 mile run-walk. I'll keep pushing for a faster pace bit by bit and see how much that allows me to drop my race time. I've been doing some intermittent weight training too and have done enough that I have seen some progress, which helps keep the motivation up.


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