The Mangling of the English/American Language

I just watched a commercial for a gold salvage company asking people to send in their "joolery/jewlery". It leads me to believe that this company isn't particularly reputable.

Other words that get mangled: nuclear (nucular), realtor (realitor), suite (suit) and, most recently, phlegm (phleem). I am incapable of intentionally mispronouncing words on a consistent basis, except as part of a joke, as with the word "knight" (pronounced ka-nig-it, per Monty Python). On these routine "problem words", I make a habit of saying them clearly and correctly (per the pronunciation in the dictionary). I get looked at like I'm an alien. I suppose I am, being "not from around here". The next time I'm asked if I think they talk stupid, I will have to reply that I don't think they talk stupid, but that the way they talk certainly contributes to the stereotype that they aren't well educated.

I have come to the realization that I have very little in common people in this area or at work. I think this will be the reason why I don't stay here for long. There are tremendous differences in work ethic and values between myself and my co-workers. I don't expect to have things in common with co-workers outside of work, but it would be nice to have things in common with folks in the general public. That just isn't happening here. I wish to improve myself and learn things, both at work and in life. I am accustomed to living in an academic community associated with a university. Yes, there are three colleges in this area, but none are large and none appear to have little impact on the community. There aren't cultural or academic events that I can find or even persons interested in such things. Perhaps if I were in a larger city with more things to do besides shop (and I am not a shopper in either personality or budget), but I am not. The small-mindedness of persons at work and the lack of any actual use of my academic training is still the driving factor to get out of here.

I have a phone line in my house. I don't actually use it. It's for emergency purposes only, though I'm likely to cut it off in the next couple of months. I'll just hope for the best should I need to call 911 with my cell phone. Anyway, there is an answering machine attached to the line. I got a message from an unknown male caller who called me by name and then enquired if he could come over and pee in my bed. He said that was all he wanted, just to pee in my bed. Too bad I haven't got caller ID so I could trace his phone number via the Internet. Well, it took about a year for phone harassment to find me. Some things never change. Yippee.

Pool Update
I now have waaaaay too much chlorine in there, but the total alkalinity is at least increasing even if the total pH is not. In a couple of days the chlorine will get back to a reasonable level. On the other hand a bunch of stuff settled out of the pool today and got vacuumed up. I'll probably vacuum again tomorrow as well as add pH increaser and some bicarb. I don't know if I'm objectively correct, but I feel like I'm making progress toward having the silly thing sorted out. I'll be closing the pool just after Labor Day so I've got just over a month to play.

Web Dev Weekend
I had good intentions about getting some knitting done over the weekend. That just didn't happen, though I did get a serious bit of cleaning done. Yesterday I got sidetracked building a couple of websites. They aren't completely finished yet, but I've got Three Fates Fibers and Desserted Islands launched. Now comes the interminable "tweaking" of the sites. I've got a couple additional sites to build too, including one for my free-lance website development business, Medusa's Workshop.


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