A Philosophical Question.....

If you have to post the following disclaimer:
"The following CBN program does not reflect the views or opinions of the ABC Family Network", why put the stupid show on your network? Is ABC Family that hard up for programming and/or advertising money? If it were my company, I don't know that I'd use programming that necessitated a disclaimer. Particularly since said disclaimer is probably only issued at the beginning of the programming in question, leaving the people who tune in late to assume that ABC Family agrees with anything/everything said during The 700 Club since they don't hear/see anything to the contrary.

It makes no sense to me which is probably why I am not the president of ABC Family or any other company. Well, I'm not the president of any for-profit company. (I actually am the president of a non-profit organization.) And, now that I think about it, I'm trying to be the president of several small businesses. So, if you'd be so kind as to let me come in again..... I guess thinking like that is why I'm not the president of any major corporation. :o)


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