Yay Me!

Yay for a couple of things:
  1. I now have "fat pants". I'm going to donate two, and maybe three, pair of work pants to the GoodWill store because they're too big. The third pair fits kind of ok, though a little loose. However, I'm thinking that if I can remove them without unzipping them that they might be too big. (I did have to undo the button to accomplish this rather entertaining feat, so they're not completely huge or anything.)
  2. According to the bathroom scale, I have lost 15 pounds since late last fall. I seem to have achieved some sort of critical mass with body changes. I can really see the muscles starting to show through the fluff and I've definitely got to buy some more clothes so I don't look quite so much like a schlep.
  3. It's getting easier to eat healthy and to eat less. I'm learning to pay attention to when I no longer feel hungry. That works a whole lot better for me than waiting until I'm full to stop.
Next up: Take this motivation from reaching a possible halfway point in my fitness goal and use it to kick up the intensity in working out. I've been slacking off (still) and not feeling very inspired to hit the gym lately, but that needs to change if I want to keep up the progress and reach my goal. I also need to buy some new clothes that fit. I'm tired of having droopy drawers and a belt that's too big to hold up said droopy drawers.

Garden Season Commencing!
I've spent about five hours in the past three days working in the flowerbeds, so I've not been completely inactive even if I haven't been putting in my daily treadmill time. I'm getting a jump start on digging out the stinking Bermuda grass before it starts growing full tilt. I also decided to re-arrange things around the end of the deck where the bird feeder is located. The birds have just about killed two of the holly bushes and the piles of sunflower seed shells aren't doing the rest of the bushes any good. I don't know what exactly I'm going to do with that area besides move the holly bushes somewhere else, but I'm sure something will come to me eventually.

Today I finished digging the grass out of the south bed at the back of the house. Next I'll need to expand the end of the bed around the corner of the house, then dig out/expand the herb garden bed at the north end of the back of the house. Soon I'll need to dig up and divide all the cannas. They did spectacularly well at the back and front of the house. They just need to be placed somewhere/somehow that doesn't look quite so much like I planted them there because I didn't know what else to do with them (which is exactly what I did).

Other upcoming garden tasks:
  1. remove grass from rosebushes, front flowerbed and raspberry/blackberry bushes
  2. buy load of mulch with which to cover the non-plant areas of the aforementioned flower beds in hopes of preventing rapid re-establishment of icky grass
  3. remove grass from around the base of the three fruit trees and mulch heavily
  4. add plants (perennials, preferably) to the flowerbeds
  5. till up veggie garden and expand it. The moles have already trashed a bunch of the lawn in that area, might as well take advantage of it. Buy a couple bales of straw for mulching garden and mow up the big leaf pile too.
  6. install pavers at the bottom of the deck steps and under hose reel.
  7. consider ordering a half load of dirt to fill in the low spots in the yard.
Of course, the weather for the next five days is expected to be uniformly rainy. This should give me time to order veggie seed/plants.

Coming Soon!
An essay on the appeal of the action film and why I dislike Woody Allen movies. Yes, the two are indeed related.


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