An Unfortunate Week for Someone

A house in my neighborhood burned last night.
I see it every day, but don't really pay that much attention to it. It's just a house that's a door or two past the corner where I turn. This morning I noticed the siding on one side looked funny. I drove past the front on the way home. If the floorplan is the same as the others in the subdivision, the kitchen is located at the front of the house on the right with the living room at the back and the bedrooms are on the left. I'm sure there was extensive smoke damage, but perhaps structural damage wasn't too bad.

I can't imagine having my house burn. I know it's just stuff and you move on. That doesn't really bother me very much, though I'd certainly be sad. It's more the disruption of things and having to start over, plus dealing with the insurance stuff. Anyway, I hope nobody was injured. Hopefully they were fully insured and life will begin the trek back toward normal for them soon.

Winter Death 2009 v.3?

I don't remember what round of winter we're on now. The sleet/freezing rain started in the middle of the day and continued off/on. We might get up to an inch of sleet/snow. I ditched the gym this morning because I thought it might be icy. I will probably ditch the gym again tomorrow morning so as to give the roads a bit more time to warm up and thaw. I didn't even bother thinking about the grocery store tonight. I do have a pot of black bean soup on the stove though. It smells wonderful.

I tried to tell my trees that perhaps they might want to wait a little bit to start showing off, but they didn't listen. These two may be *very* confused by tomorrow morning, since they think Spring has already arrived.

Bloodwork Result

The workplace annual wellness screening was this week. Last year my test results were good. This year they were even better. Total cholesterol 128, LDL 74, HDL 39 (could be higher), triglycerides 77 and glucose 80. BP 96/62 and BMI at 25.1 (0.1 away from dropping out of the "overweight" category). Strictly speaking the LDL, glucose and triglyceride results may not be accurate. While this was supposed to be a fasting test, I got woozy feeling about 2 hours before test time, so I ate a piece of plain whole grain bread to keep from being dizzy and sick. Regardless of how much that affected the results, I'm very very pleased with my numbers. I'll have a new batch of labwork done in a week or so when I have my 40,000 mile checkup, tire rotation and oil change. It will be interesting to see how the "real" lab results and the quick test results compare to each other. I'm also interested in seeing how the numbers change after a year of eating low-fat, 98% vegan and exercising 5x/week.

Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
This is my current bedtime and lunchtime reading. It's a fantastic book. It's set in post-WWII London and Guernsey. The book is entirely a series of letters written back and forth between characters. The main character is an author (Juliet) living in London who receives a letter from a man in Guernsey. He had received a book which at one time belonged to her (her name/address was written inside the cover) and wrote to her asking about the author and to request assistance in tracking down more books by the same author. From there a friendship builds and when Juliet is asked to write a magazine article about what reading means to people, she decides to write about the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society. The members of the group send her letters, describing their involvement. There are quite a few entertaining characters and I have laughed repeatedly at the things they write to each other in their letters. Utterly delightful. I highly recommend it.


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