More Weekend Work

I got the big flowerbed out front and the irises by the garage weeded.

I even dug up most of the grass patch flower bed by the south end of the house.

Somewhere along the way I whacked my leg on something rather solid. Of course, I have no recollection today of hitting anything with my leg, but judging from the scrape on top of the bruise, I must have said "Ouchies!" (at a minimum) when I hit it.

Yesterday I found another toad. He was already out and about and hopped all over, unlike Saturday's toad who was more laidback and sleepy. (The toad is in the middle of the picture, below the stick weed thing and behind the little iris leaf. He's only about 2 inches long, but has pretty spots and big eyes.)
I also flushed out a skink but he didn't stick around very long at all and I didn't get a picture of him.

So, between Saturday and Sunday, I spent 11 hours digging up flowerbeds. This explains why my hamstrings are about 1/2 inch shorter than usual. My calves are pretty tight too. I was not, however, overly tired this weekend or this morning. A year ago I would have only been able to do one monster day of digging and would have been completely drained the next day.

Tonight I spent an hour and a half tilling up the veggie garden. (The garden is the tan/brown rather squarish area toward the back of the photo. The definitely brown square in the middle is last year's garden.) I completely forgot that I had an area of volunteer strawberries, until after I'd run the tiller over them. Oopsies. We'll see how hardy they are to tilling. They survived the lawnmower last spring. I don't expect to harvest any berries. Last year's berries were about the size of a green pea and didn't taste very good. Strawberries are, however, cheerful little plants.

I've made it a lot larger than last year. It might measure 50x50 feet. I know. That's huge. I'll be asking myself what the $#*%&#! I was thinking in July when temps are in the upper 90s, the air is thick with humidity, the zucchini are multiplying geometrically and the weeds are threatening to overthrow the management. My intention is to have the option of eating almost solely from my garden for a good chunk of the summer. We'll see how well that plays out.

The day ended with a beautiful sunset, don't you think?


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