Productive, No Excuses Weekend Ahead!

The past week was warm and dry, so the yard work tasks have been calling to me. We had a chance of rain on Thursday, but that skipped by us. Ideally, in a world with 40 hour days, I would accomplish the weeding/de-grassing of all the flower beds, the digging out of a new flower bed/landscaping area by the deck, the raking of the leaves and depositing said leaves on the veggie garden for burning and/or tilling under, the degrassing/weeding of the blackberry bushes, the tilling up of the veggie garden, the spraying of the fruit trees with anti-fungal stuff and finish the mowing/weed whacking of the lawn.

Unfortunately, there is a line of rain headed this way today. Based on the current rate of progression, I've got about two hours before it arrives. Now I need to decide if I'd rather rake/pile leaves or dig up flower beds. Sunday and Monday are also expected to be dry, but the rest of the week has a 30%+ chance of rain every day. I think rainy season has arrived. I desperately want to get the garden tilled up (soon to be closer to 30x40 feet in size) before the rains arrive. I can plant seeds in dirt that's too wet to till, if I have to. I just can't till up wet soil.

Once the rain gets here today, there is plenty of stuff to do inside the house. I need to jumpstart the decluttering again and there's a bit of tidying up to do from the past week. Plus, I need to return the knitting/fiber stuff back to the newly cleaned up fiber room. That by itself could take all day to sort through. The stuff that doesn't fit back into the fiber room will go into the garage, but again, a space needs to be cleared up there too. Don't you just love it when tasks cascade like that?


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