Chuck Jones Night

Turner Classic Movies is having a Chuck Jones Night tonight. They showed a 30 minute documentary interview show first. Now they're about to launch into 2 1/2 hours of Chuck Jones animated shorts, including not only Sniffles and the Book Worm but also The Phantom Tollbooth! WOO HOO!!!!! (I like Sniffles the Mouse. My favorite cartoon of his is Sniffles Takes a Trip.)

Yes, it's true. I am an adult with no kids who watches cartoons. I'm always a little sad when I hear an adult say they can't go to animated films now that their kids are grown. I always lean in a bit, raise an eyebrow in what I imagine to be a conspiratorial manner, and say "I've never had kids. I go to the cartoons anyway." More often than not, the adult says something like "I never thought of that." Sometimes they say they couldn't do that because people would think them silly, which is even sadder than not doing because the kids are grown.

One of these days, before I grow up, I'm going to do computer generated animation stuff. I already have a 20 minute film mapped out. Now I just need to learn the programming to make it real.

A Better Garden Picture
I raked the chewed up grass off the new parts of the garden, which makes for a nice tidy border in a picture. I measured it today too. It measures 40 x 50 feet. Would you believe that I have as much garden area as I have house?
Bad Hip
I got in a nice run/walk this morning. I even ran a whole 1/4 mile without stopping and it felt pretty good. During the walk interval after the run, the back of my left hip hurt a little bit. On the next run interval, it really lit up pretty quick and I cut the run short. I ended up going a total of 2 1/2 miles though, which was good.

Throughout the day today, my hip would get stiff when I sat too long without moving. By the end of the day things were loosening up. Tomorrow morning could be awful, but my sister (former sports team athletic trainer) has ordered me to get my behind to the gym and hit the treadmill again in the morning and has also prescribed stretches, but to avoid any strength training with my legs. We both think I've got a ticked off piriformis. Here's hoping it's amenable to being placated. Having pain on only one side does, however, indicate that I've got an uneven stride for some reason, which may lead to more problems down the road (or treadmill).


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