Vegan Eating Update

I've had a few non-vegan moments, but I'm mostly doing just fine with no animal products. Two of the moments involved social events at work where I had small (1" x 2") pieces of cake. Last week, I went to a local Mexican restaurant at lunch and, without thinking, ordered my usual veggie quesadilla. It didn't even occur to me that there was cheese in it until after I'd eaten half of it. I am, however, pleased to report that I ate only ten tortilla chips with salsa. Next time I go to the Mexican restaurant I'll order the veggie fajitas. Finally, today I had a small serving (1/3 to 1/2 cup) of soft-serve ice cream at Jason's Deli. I initially intended to resist completely, but decided that a treat wasn't out of line. Afterwards I thought about the other "little treats" I've had (the cake).

It's the "little treats" that get me into trouble and make it possible for me to eat more than I should be eating. I think I'll just rule out all "little treats", unless they have some significant nutritional value (i.e. fresh raspberries as a treat would be perfectly acceptable). Otherwise, I'll risk sabotaging my new healthy habits and end up making exceptions the rule. I'll start up the food journal again to force me to think about what I'm eating and how much. For a little while a regular reminder of my goals will be helpful. I shouldn't have any trouble getting back on track with vegan eating either.

On the Working Out Front
Last week was pretty much a no-show at the gym. I did, however, lift weights at home. I'm making a particular effort to get to the gym four days this week and to spend at least 2 miles on the treadmill each of those days. I'm still keeping up with the strength training too. That is really starting to feel good now. I can tell I'm getting stronger. It takes much less effort to hoist a 40 pound bag of bird seed to my shoulder now and I don't have any trouble curling it with both arms to set it down in my car. Time to work on developing my shoulders and back. I've always wanted to have nicely muscled shoulders.


Stefaneener said…
Hmmmm. Despite my running, I'm getting what for me counts as a sort of spare tire. I need to watch my eating. I've been so happy I'm not paying attention. And I'm not running that much! I'l think of your for inspiration.
Ruby Louise said…
And I need to get in more exercise. I've developed a bad habit of sleeping past my alarm clock in the mornings and waking up when I should already be at the gym! I miss the morning burst of endorphins.

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