Hip is Good! Now Back is Bad!

I'm very pleased to report that my hip no longer hurts at all. However, I woke up with my back in knots this morning. Surprisingly, this was NOT after an unusually long amount of time spent in bed or any activity other than sleep. A hot pack on my lower back, gentle stretching, 800 mg ibuprofen, a hot shower and eight hours later, I can at least go from standing to sitting (and vice versa) without holding my breath. Needless to say I haven't gotten a whole lot of housekeeping done today. I have, however, watched Wall-E and the shuttle landing. I believe I'll do some knitting in a little bit, since I can do that laying down, which makes my back feel better. Mentally, I'm about ready to go postal from the inactivity. Isn't it amazing how you get used to physically doing stuff and then it drives you NUTS to be a couch potato?

Had toast with marmalade and a banana for breakfast and pancakes for lunch. I might go completely crazy and have oatmeal or hash browns for dinner. It's a breakfast food sort of day. I have, however, gotten dressed in real clothes and even put on shoes. I did NOT stay in my PJs all day.

Oh, and I ordered a new video card (and a bigger power supply to drive it) for my gaming PC. I've got too much computer stuff to do to just work off the laptop. It's also more comfortable to do marathon gaming sessions on the big box. I've had a hankering to run through Quake2 lately and to give Call of Duty a try.


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