Cleaning Up

I had the crazy idea to empty out my fiber room this evening and steam clean half the carpet. I'll clean the other half tomorrow morning. Perhaps by tomorrow evening the carpet will be dry enough that I can assemble the work table that goes in there. Then I'll need to figure out how to arrange the table, loom, and storage bins and get things moved back. Not all of the bins will go back in the room, so I'll have to decide what goes elsewhere in the house and figure out where that elsewhere will be. I suspect that will be the garage. I can't wait until the first warm weekend so that I can re-arrange the garage and get a bunch of stuff thrown out of there too.

Once the work table is set up, I'll have a permanent place to leave my wool combs, drum carder and sewing machine. Right now I end up hauling them out to the living room if I want to use any of those items. This, of course, makes a mess in the living room and makes it highly unlikely that I'll work on any large project for very long since I dislike a messy, cluttered living room.

After the fiber room is cleaned up, I need to get the computer room sorted out again. First, I'll haul the old Macs in from the spare bedroom and get the hard drives wiped in preparation for recycling. Then I'll systematically work my way around the room and throw out the non-essential stuff. A couple of months ago I had cleaned off the desks and put everything into a box. Slowly I've managed to clutter up the desks again. Time to clean things up for good and find a place to keep everything so that it *stays* cleaned up. Then all I'll need to do is keep putting things away after I use them instead of letting stuff stack up to be put away "later".


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