Since the President Mentioned the Special Olympics

I thought I'd share my favorite Special Olympics video.

Yardwork Progress
It still hasn't rained. I worked for five hours and got one entire flowerbed de-grassed. This was the largest one that needed help. There are four rose bushes and some random perennials that I threw in without much thought. Obviously I'll have to add some more plants.

While I was digging, I found a toad. I think I interrupted his winter nap by accidentally digging up his burrow. I covered him back up, though he later hopped along the bed and followed me a little bit. After hanging out a short while on top of the freshly dug earth, he re-buried himself for another nap. If I'd had my camera handy, I'd have taken a photo of him with just his nose and the side of his face sticking out of the dirt. I hope he has a good sleep.

The next worst flowerbed is about 1/3 that long, but completely grass covered and also has gladiolus bulbs in it. Perhaps I'll get that done tomorrow. I'll have to see how tired I am in the morning.

While I'm tearing things up, the big flowerbed at the front of the house also needs to be re-done. Right now it is completely lacking in structure or design. I sort of just threw coreopsis seed across it and let the daisies that came up on their own stay where they came up. There are also some tulips and calla lilies from the previous owners. It is a disorganized messy mess, though it's gorgeous when all the coreopsis are in bloom.

I suppose it's time to hit the garden book section at the library again. I'm definitely interested in mostly perennials so I don't have to keep buying plants/flowers every year. I'm also interested in coming up with some sort of a plan so that I'm not just randomly adding plants. I'd like things to look at least somewhat coordinated/organized throughout the yard, so that it adds beauty to the property, not distraction.

One More Thing
I discovered I fit into my size 12 jeans today. Didn't have to suck anything in to button or zip them either. Best of all, they aren't skin tight and I can bend, walk and sit. Yay!! I'll have to go pants shopping some time soon. I do at least have a nice pair of dark jeans to wear now, so that buys me a little time.

Now here's the funny part about this. I would like to reward myself for this accomplishment. Six months ago, I would have bought a frozen pizza or gone out to lunch or dinner for whatever I wanted. The prize would have been some sort of "bad" food reward that would have helped undo whatever change in weight or size I had accomplished. Do you know what I want now? A book or some yarn or some iTunes downloads. Tonight, I may compromise and have a couple of buckwheat pancakes or a bowl of oatmeal with blackberries. I'm really getting into this whole getting fitter thing. It's fun to do and it's even more fun to see my body change. I'm definitely not interested in sabotaging it with poorly chosen food rewards.


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