Winter Death 2009 v2!

Only this time it really did snow a bunch! I probably had six to eight inches of snow at my house. I briefly debated going to the grocery store on Saturday after it started snowing, just to be amused by the panic buying, but I decided that would be a) mean and b) a great way to end up in a car accident, so I stayed home and watched The Lord of the Rings. (It wasn't really my idea to do that. TNT showed the trilogy over the past three nights and I *hate* watching good movies chopped up for commercial television.)

Anyway, here are the obligatory snow photos. I did do a bit of shoveling. I shoveled clear some drainage paths so the melt water wouldn't pool on the driveway or sidewalk, then freeze overnight into a nice ice pond. Then I shoveled one shovel width down each side of the driveway so I can more clearly see in the morning where the driveway ends and the yard or ditch begins. I also shoveled off part of the deck so I could feed the birds. You can see from the second photo how much bird foot traffic my backyard got today. The neighbor's dogs trekked through too on their daily explorations. I put out about 2 gallons of black oil sunflower seed over the course of the past two days. The last photo is, of course, the obligatory snow angel picture.

I felt pretty productive this weekend. I got the laundry caught up for the most part, cleaned the house, shoveled a bunch of snow, cooked two big meals to eat the rest of the week and cleaned up after the cooking too. I didn't get much decluttering done and very little reading, but it still feels like a full weekend and I'm not unhappy with the amount of stuff I got done.


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