Oxymoron of the Day

Natural Pepperoni. Seriously? Who ever thought that one up? Pepperoni isn't natural. There are no little pepperoni plants or pepperoni critters just waiting to be picked up, sliced, cooked and eaten. It's a seasoned, smoked (usually pork) sausage, often with lots of salt, preservatives and that odd pepperoni-colored dye. If you are curious where I heard the phrase "natural pepperoni", one of the cheap pizza chains is now selling healthy pizza made with light whole wheat crust and natural pepperoni. I'm willing to bet a slice of meat(less) loaf that there are just as many calories and just as much fat and sodium in the "healthy" pizza as in the regular pizza. But it's "natural" so it *must* be good, right? Let's not forget that the plague, arsenic, asbestos and ionizing radiation are also natural. :o)

Eating Better Day #Whatever
No, I haven't given up. I just don't know what number day I'm on now. I had the usual oatmeal (plain this time) for breakfast. Lunch was some of the chili I made a week ago and a sweet potato (also plain). I had an apple for a snack. Dinner was meat(less)loaf following a recipe in The Engine 2 Diet. It's made with tofu and vegie burger crumbles and vegetables. I didn't have any ketchup for the top, so I used some homemade barbecue sauce. That was a great idea. The sauce around the edges got all dark and caramelized, just like when you grill stuff with barbecue sauce. Yummy!!! Anyway, the meat(less)loaf turned out really well. Now I just need to stop gorging myself on it in the evenings. It really would be a better idea to have one slice of it and then have some actual vegetables, rather than having a plate full of meat(less)loaf and no veggies.

Back to the Gym!
I'm getting back on the gym bandwagon. Of course, I'm now enough of a regular that it's a little bit like Norm showing up at Cheers. These people NOTICE when I ditch working out for a day or two and ASK ME WHERE I WAS. It's a bit embarassing to have to admit that I was lazy and didn't feel like getting out of bed. So obviously I won't be doing that much more (the staying in bed part, not the truthfully telling them where I was part). I think it's time to start ramping up the intensity level again. I've been starting to feel a bit bored and uninspired. This might explain why I haven't been bounding out of bed for the gym lately. So I think it's time to start changing things up and make it more fun. If nothing else, I'll confuse the heck out of my muscles. It's been a long time since I felt that deliciously tired and achey from exercise feeling.

Today's Three Beautiful Things:
  1. A snowman family, complete with a snowdog on a leash sitting next to the largest snowman.
  2. Sun reflecting off snow and making a bright day even brighter.
  3. The relieved smiles on the faces of three women who couldn't find the bathroom before I pointed them in the right direction.
Today's Three Grateful Things:
  1. A cubicle with a window to see the aforementioned bright day.
  2. Having an evening free to finish the final chapter of the library book that was due yesterday. I am sooooo close to finding out who did it!!! Just as soon as I finish writing out my grocery list and meal plan for the next week.
  3. Feeling wiggly.


Stefaneener said…
I love the idea of you walking in to the gym to smiles and waves. That's got to be motivating.

I don't think the sidewalks notice if I don't run.
Ruby Louise said…
It is pretty sweet. I used to show up at the gym crabby until I got into my workout and the endorphins kicked in. Now the cheerful mood starts before I open the door.

I know my bicycle on the trainer doesn't notice as much if I don't ride it. Well, not until the dust bunnies start to use it for playground equipment. :o)

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