Ok, Pity Party is Over.

Things weren't as bad at work today. I did get included in two meetings about some investigations. I'm making a point of not getting my hopes up that I might get to do something besides take notes at a couple of meetings. I think having a more realistic expectation of my involvement will help a lot. I'm also going to make a point of explicitly asking what they want/expect me to do when I do get asked to do stuff, since I clearly have been expecting to do things that are verboten for my position. I did make some progress getting DOBs looked up on 2ooo people, so that was good. The secure FTP server connection is being fixed, which is also good, since I haven't gotten data in a week. Of course, the two server admins involved say it's the other server's problem and nobody changed anything. Uh-huh.

Hip Update
I didn't get to the gym this morning either, though I did make a point of stretching well before and after I showered this morning. Even this afternoon I didn't have the stiffness and pain I had yesterday. I'm happy with that. I'll still take it easy tomorrow if I wake up in time to go to the gym. If I don't get to the gym, I'll definitely get on the trainer at home. I've missed getting sweaty the past two days and I've definitely missed the endorphins.

I Need a Vacation
I have a lot of stuff to accomplish this weekend, like putting all the crap back into my fiber/yarn room. I've got 5 weeks before relatives come to visit for a day. I know my house will be pathetic to them not matter what I do, but maybe it would be nice to make a good showing. I'm trying to tell myself that they don't have to live here and it doesn't matter what they think, but it's really old always having people look down at me. Meh.


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