I saw Eastern Promises earlier today. I highly recommend it. Yes, it's violent. Yes, there's a fight scene involving a naked Viggo Mortensen. It's still a darn good movie. Given that the plot centers around Russian organized crime culture in London and trafficking in humans, one might expect it to be somewhat violent. Given that Mr. Mortensen's character, Nikolai, happened to be in a steam room at the time he was attacked by two guys with knives, it might be expected that said character would attempt to fight for his life with both hands, not with just one hand while the other held up his towel. To be honest, I was more focused on the fight itself than on any nakedness. I did notice Mr. Mortensen's Lord of the Rings fellowship tattoo on his left deltoid and that he's in pretty good shape, but that's about it. It's not that I wasn't interested in looking, I just got caught up in the movie, which is a sure sign of a good film.

I was happy to see that Nikolai had some redeeming qualities in the end and wasn't nearly as creepy in the film as he was in the trailers. Now I won't have to struggle to reconcile the creepiness/violence of Nikolai with the inherent nobility and "goodness" of Aragorn. Frankly, as I sit here and watch Return of the King, I'm having a hard time seeing Nikolai at all when looking at Mr. Mortensen as Aragorn. He does such a great job of immersing himself in a given character, I think it's hard to picture him as other characters during any given film.

Tonight's Entertainment:

I need to workout. I really really do. I hardly got out of the house today. I didn't get to the lawn mowing part after the movie since it looked like rain was imminent. There will be time for that tomorrow, even if I have to mow in the rain. I finally got the laundry started, so will have to attend to that periodically. I am nearly done with the body of the Mystery Stole, but appear to have a bit of a boo-boo in one of the last rows of the border before the wing. I ought to pick that out tonight and fix it. A bit of diet Pepsi has fixed my headache for the evening.


Twitchh said…
Agreed -- It was a *very* good movie.

I got totally caught up in it, and was actually disappointed that it ended "so soon" -- It was so good I wanted to keep going and see where things ended up after it was "over".


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