Holiday Weekend

Of course things at work got really busy starting at 3pm yesterday. I think I was able to contribute a bit by answering questions. I do need to find out what the triggers are for contacting the central office about disease events. I didn't see any evidence of that communication being made for any of the four incidents that blew up late Friday afternoon, but not knowing what the criteria are it would be that said criteria simply weren't being met.

My talk with my supervisor went well. She indicated that part of the problem was her leaving things unstructured and that she would talk with my daily boss rather than having me do it. I suggested that the three of us sit down to build some structure and figure out what it is that I can do with my skills. She does not agree that routine epidemiology work is not a good use of my skills and I am to bring any ideas for how things could be improved to her directly. I wonder if she and I could set up a regular meeting, perhaps every two weeks to discuss what we're working on and what goals need to be met.

What to do. What to do.
I am not having much luck figuring out what I'm going to do with myself for the next three days. I could do some yard work. I probably will till up the garden. The zucchini died while I was at the TB meeting. The tomatoes aren't looking very good either. The only thing that's still alive and doing well are the peppers and the basil. I actually did a major harvest of the basil last night. I should either freeze the leaves or make pesto today.

There will be obligatory grilling this weekend. I will make another batch of grilled portabello mushroom samiches on toasted ciabatta. I haven't decided if I'll get some goat cheese to go with it or not. I am leaning toward not again. I do have roasted red peppers that would be delicious however. (Which reminds me, I ought to roast/grill some of the peppers I've harvested from the garden and then freeze them.)

Mostly what I want to do today is sit around and not do anything. This attitude drives me crazy. I don't want to do anything except vegetate and recharge, but at the same time that seems like a tremendous waste of the days off. I do need to get to the library so I'll at least get in to town. And as long as I'm at the library I might as well go to the farmer's market and the vegetable store. Then hit Lowe's and/or Home Depot (It's Saturday, how can you NOT go to a home improvement store?) and the grocery store on the way home. Now I just need to get out of this chair....

Today's Quote:
"Why hate someone for the color of their skin when there are much better reasons to hate them." I don't know about better reasons, but certainly more justifiable, explainable and intelligent reasons. Seems pretty lame to have to rely on race/ethnicity. With a bit more effort and study, surely you could find something with more substance. Or not. You know, you might just find that with a bit more effort and study the folks you called "different" aren't really all that different from you at all.


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