Bird Day

Apparently the party is on my deck today. There are blue jays, purple finches, cardinals, sparrows and doves. A woodpecker even stopped by to try the sunflower seeds. A hummingbird was hovering outside the window too. I don't know if the other food sources aren't as plentiful or if today was chosen to be the day to hang out at my house.

Speaking of being outside, I need to fix the pool filter and I ought to fix the hole in the pool. The "catch" is that to fix the pool leak I have to get in the water. At the moment, the temperature is 70 degrees. Methinks I'll wait until later this week when the air temp will approach 90 degrees before getting into the pool again. I will have to vacuum it pretty thoroughly in anticipation of closing things up anyway.

I have a new fertilizer spreader to assemble and fertilizer to apply. Grass seed too. Here's what needs to happen with the lawn: de-thatch it (except I forgot to pick up cinder blocks at Lowe's yesterday when on my $250 spending spree), fertilize it properly and overseed it. Actually, it probably needs mowing too. I suppose I could de-thatch it, then mow when I fertilize. I haven't decided if I'm going to overseed everything, or just pick a few sections, since I'll need to water the newly seeded sections. I could really use half a dozen bales of straw too, for covering the newly seeded sections and for tilling into the garden.

For the garden, I need to till under the garden and plant a cover crop like annual rye grass to be tilled under in the spring. I will be able to harvest basil again in another week or so. I already have a dozen "basil cubes" of frozen minced basil. I might dry some of the next harvest. There are peppers and tomatoes left in the garden and that's it for this year. I don't know that the tomatoes will ripen with the temperatures dropping, but I can eat green tomatoes too. The peppers ought to do okay though.

So, with all of this to do, I am hanging out in the comfy chair with very little motivation. I desperately need to fold the stack of clean clothes at the end of my bed, I need to cook for the week and I need to tidy up the detritus from the past week. There's nothing on TV and I still don't feel like getting up and doing anything. Of course, what I really need to do is just that. But first, I can watch how Peeps are made....


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