An Inauspicious Start to the Day....

Yes, that's my breakfast on the floor. I carefully pulled the bowl out of the microwave and promptly dropped it on the floor. Upside down, of course. But that wasn't enough. Nope. It happened to be BLUEBERRY oatmeal, rather than plain. It also happened to be rather watery oatmeal rather than thick/solid oatmeal. And I was running late. So I used my spatula (as seen in the picture) to scoop up the majority of the oatmeal, then wiped up the oozing, corralled the blueberries, dried the violated section of the floor and zoomed off to work.

Why do these things never happen on days when you're running early or even just on time? There is clearly a "lateness detector" somewhere that's tuned in to the Murphy's Law channel. However, I am happy to report that the Murphy's Law stuff apparently started and ended with the oatmeal dumping incident.

Unless you count the e-mail I got this afternoon telling me to clear my calendar tomorrow morning to meet with our Director. That's all it said. I'm 99.98% certain it's about the upcoming smoking cessation program, but you always wonder, don't you?. I *swear* I haven't done anything to get into trouble. Well, except for break the printer, but it's not my fault it doesn't like .pdf files that are longer than 5 pages!!

And to top of a fairly good day, I have done my weekly grocery shopping, planned healthy meals for the next week (without generating a plethora of leftovers), exercised and sprayed the weeds in the front and side yards.

About Leftovers
One of the things I *hate* about being single is leftovers. I love to cook. I really love to eat home-cooked, healthy, flavorful food. I don't even mind cleaning up my messes afterward too much, particularly since I now have a dishwasher.

What I hate is cooking a meal and then eating it twice a day, every day for a week. It takes the fun out of cooking to eat the same thing every day at dinner. It makes me grumpy and it takes the fun out of eating too. I've never been particularly driven to cut recipes down to make just 2-3 servings, but I'm on a mission now. I sat down at lunch with a healthy cookbook (that conveniently had menus in it) and planned out six days of meals. Looking at the servings each recipe made, I cut the recipe in half if it was going to make more than 4 servings. I want to eat something just two or three times in a week, not six or eight times. I suspect that by making fewer servings I might also end up with smaller serving sizes. I have a feeling that I have eaten more than I should just as an attempt to get rid of it so I could eat something new. I have always had a thing about wasting food. I feel horrible about having food spoil before I eat it and I definitely can't throw it away before it spoils either.

So my current mission is to curtail the excessive quantities of leftovers and to have fun cooking and eating healthy food. What will help with this is that I feel better when I eat good food, both physically and mentally. On top of the regular exercising I'm doing now, I could quite easily become the healthiest I've ever been. We'll see how I look and feel in December.


Stefaneener said…
Does portioning and freezing make any sense? Like a lasagne assembled, then cut into six servings and frozen, wrapped individually, for an evening's meal work?

I despise leftovers. Just despise them. Fortunately I have a big family and chickens.

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