Things at Work, They Be A Changin'

First, I got asked to assist with an outbreak investigation today. Not just write the questionnaire, but actually make phone calls to the implicated restaurant and the health inspector. Yay!!!

Second, a co-worker is leaving us at the end of September. For some time she's not been happy and the stress of the job hasn't done her any good, healthwise. She told us today that she's taken another job with the state. I'll be sad to see her go. We worked well together. I didn't think she'd leave, but I knew that she wasn't completely happy too. I like the chaos and "disasters" when unexpected things happen. This is why I *loved* being an EMT. Not everybody likes to live that way though and that's OK. I hope she finds her niche in her new job. Fortunately the new job is just a mile or two away from the office, so having lunch with her will still be an option.

I didn't do cardio today. I started the strength training program published in a women's fitness magazine a year or two ago. It's short, but thorough. They claim visible results in four weeks with workouts every other day. The plan includes increasing the weight each week and also adjusting the reps/sets to go along with that. I figure I can give it a try and it'll be a nice break from the bike/cardio. I nearly went for a walk this morning, until I realized how dark it was at 6am. The sun doesn't even come up until 6:30 and it was so cloudy out this morning that it might as well have been 5am. I'd really like to go for an early morning walk outside. I suppose if I got an Illuminite vest it might be doable. At least then drivers should be able to see me, not run me over. (Not that there's all that much traffice in my sub-division.)

Lunch was a salad at Jason's Deli. I probably didn't need to put olives on it, but I did anyway. For dinner I had another grilled mushroom/eggplant sammich with tomato and lettuce. I've got one more mushroom left and three or four slices of eggplant. There are three ciabatta rolls left. I bet they'll be good with hummus, tomato, cucumber and lettuce sammiches too.

I'm currently reading A Nameless Witch by A. Lee Martinez. The tagline is "A tale of vengeance, true love, and cannibalism." The witch is fairly inexperienced and is figuring out things as she goes. She inherited a familiar which is a demonic duck named Newt. She also has a troll named Gwurm. Poor Newt tries really hard to be helpful, but mostly his idea of help is to kill things or contribute to mayhem. On the other hand, he can be tricked into doing useful things if he thinks that they're bad. For example, he helped gather healing potion ingredients because the witch told him that they were to make potions which would cause boils and other bits of nastiness. The characters are full of detail and personality. If you don't mind the part about the witchcraft or the cannibalism (though by page 141, she's still trying to figure that part out herself and hasn't eaten anybody), it's a very entertaining book. I've caught myself laughing out loud several times while reading it.


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