New Habits!

Ok, so today I'm starting a regular program of exercise and of paying more attention to what I eat. My goal for this week is to work out every day until Saturday. Tonight I spent 25 minutes on the bike. In a little while I'll stretch and do some push-ups and sit-ups.

On the food front, I think I eat the right stuff, just too much of it. I very rarely eat meat (maybe once a month, if that) and usually make low-fat food choices with the exception of peanut butter and cheese. For breakfast, I nearly always have oatmeal with or without raisins or blueberries. Lunch and dinner are a bit more tricky. Eating out usually results in my eating a larger than proper portion size and higher fat than I would eat at home or if I brought my lunch to work. I also have a tendency to not have a single dinner meal. It's not quite the hobbit schedule for meals, but it's not just three meals either. I'll have a snack when I get home from work that might be a PB&J sammich or just a yogurt. Later I'll have a something larger and occasionally I'll have another snack before bed. Mind you, the snacks aren't necessarily because I'm hungry, just bored or because it seems that I should eat something. I suspect a food diary would help me quit the extraneous eating. I might have to give that a shot next week. Right now I'm going to focus on the regular exercise, plus three meals a day (including vegetables at two of them) and two small snacks.

Yes, There is No Monday Night Football Tonight
Today a local DJ was bemoaning the fact that there will be NO Monday night football tonight. He was grumbling about this fact and wanted to know what the NFL thought it was doing having no MNF. is actually Tuesday, so I'm pretty sure it would be darned near impossible to have Monday night football today. Since it's Tuesday. Not Monday. Then again, I think the regular NFL season starts *next* weekend.

Today's Poor Use of Vocabulary:
The local YMCA has "incumbent bicycles". I'd never really thought of stationary bicycles as being an office to hold, but I guess it must be if there are incumbent bicycles. Unless, of course, what they really mean are *re*cumbent bicycles, which are the ones where you pedal with your feet out in front of you instead of below your center of mass.

My Fertilizer Spreader is Unhappy
It's a nice little secondhand drop spreader from my mom. It's also about 30 years old. And now it doesn't want to spread. The rotating bar in the bottom doesn't want to rotate. I hosed the ends of the bar and the wheel bearings with WD-40 so perhaps it'll break loose after a few hours of thinking about what it's done. If it persists in being on strike, I'll have to get a new one. Of course, it'll rain tonight since I was unable to fertilize the lawn. Had I successfully applied the fertilizer, there would, of course, be no rain. That is Murphy's Law as applied to lawn care.

Lightbulb Moment
While driving home this evening, I have figured out why I have very little style when it comes to decorating my house. More on that later.


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