So, do you have a moment of silence...

when a mime dies? Marcel Marceau died over the weekend. Alice Ghostley died earlier in the week. She was always delightful when she was on Bewitched and on Designing Women. I'll have to go back and look for her in the various films she did, To Kill a Mockingbird and With Six You Get Eggroll, to name two of them.

Today's Big Plan

Vacuum, do laundry (and maybe even fold it!), wash and put away the dishes, go see Eastern Promises and mow the lawn. I may or may not transplant some of the coreopsis to the poison ivy corner. I'll be gone part of the week, so won't be able to water them like they probably should be watered. I'd rather not move them if I'm just going to kill them by not watering them well.

I've been putting projects and yarns into the my Ravelry account but I don't know how much I'm going to use it. It seems like it would just cut into my knitting time and other fun time.


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