Gotta Love Infomercials

"The secret is the minerals because they're all natural, not like other concealers which are full of preservatives and other things which aren't good for you."

I hate it when natural is equated with safe or good for you. *Asbestos* is an all natural mineral but it's not exactly good for you. Other natural things which are not necessarily good for you: mercury, lead, radium and polonium. Some natural things are absolutely good in some settings but really bad in others. The first thing that comes to mind is water. You absolutely have to have it to live, yet thousands of people drown in it every year. Natural and safe are not necessarily synonymous.

Today's Plan
I found a couple of small evergreen trees/shrubs growing in the back yard. I'm going to move them to a different corner of the yard. They've managed to survive being mowed over repeatedly so I figure they can survive being moved too. I need to move the rose of sharon plants, but I'm not quite sure where I want to put them yet. They're doing very well in their temporary home on the south side of the house. I may leave one or two on the corner to anchor the end of the house. I think I'll put the rest along the fence at the north side of the lawn.

The extra coreopsis that grew up from seed this year can also be moved. They're going to go into the sunny part of the poison ivy corner and probably next season I'll put them in a bed on the back side of the house. I don't think the new daisy plants are big enough to take the shock of transplanting yet. That will be an early spring job.

Right now I can feel my brain be dumbed down as I watch "Sunset Tan". It's a "reality show" based in a West Hollywood tanning salon. The interactions between the staff are interesting.

RIP Ed McGaffigan
Dr. McGaffigan was one of the five commissioners of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the longest-serving of the bunch. He died recently of skin cancer. As his health was declining, he made a point of working despite being sick and appears to have kept an excellent attitude as well. From an interview he did earlier this year, there was one quote which really stuck with me: "There is a job to be done here. I'm good at it. And I'm good at it even when I'm tired, which I am."


Twitchh said…
"But asbestos is *natural* -- It must be good for you!"



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