Professionalism? What's that?

I'm sorry, but announcing to the office that a co-worker is "getting fingered" at lunch (she's having a Pap test tomorrow) is about as far from professional as it gets. It was done for the sole purpose of embarrassing the daylights out of the co-worker going for the test. And done by the co-worker who complained about the clinic doc having a bad day earlier in the week because she thought *he* was being unprofessional by being grumpy. First, I found it unnecessary for co-worker 1 to announce co-worker 2's upcoming test. (Note to self: do not tell anybody at work if you're going to a medical appointment.) Second, this particular announcement was made in terms chosen for the sole purpose of causing embarrassment and discomfort to co-worker 2, which I find to be unpleasant entertainment.

Thank goodness for my iPod. It enables me to block out the extraneous stuff I don't want to hear. (On an amusing note, I caught the regional director listening to her new iPod nano the other day. I didn't think to ask her to what she was listening. There are four of us who are regularly listening to iPods/MP3 players. Two of the four are big fans of audiobooks. I either listen to audiobooks or podcasts, rarely music at work.)

Brain Dead
I'm just exhausted today. I think it was all the data cleaning. I have had a quick shower to loosen up some extra tight neck/shoulder muscles. I'm going to make a pot of hot tea and knit the rest of the evening. I haven't decided if I want to try working on the mystery stole or if I want to go for something simple like the beaded rib socks. Much less risk of making a boo-boo in the latter.

Today's Random Quote:
Immature love says: 'I love you because I need you.'
Mature love says 'I need you because I love you.'
--Erich Fromm

Corollary: If you decide to get involved with me because you think you can rescue me, you will endeavor, consciously or subconsciously, to keep me helpless in some way so that you can always "fix things" for me. This is unacceptable and unhealthy.

On the other hand, men seem to be intimidated by or put off by an independent woman who doesn't actually need a man to have a happy, fulfilling life. I wouldn't think a guy would want the pressure of being responsible for providing happiness and fulfillment to someone else, but it appears that might not be the case. Is it really that odd to only want a relationship for companionship and sharing experiences/interests, not for co-dependence? I'd rather not be in a relationship than be in a bad or unhealthy one.


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