It's a holiday today. I figured I'd go see a movie (War, if you're curious which one). Surprisingly, the movie theater opened at 5pm, not at the same time it opens on the weekend. In all the other places I've lived, the theaters open at the weekend time on minor holidays like Labor Day and Memorial Day. I guess the theater can do without the income from any ticket revenues they might have gained this afternoon. Given how busy the other theater in town was, I'd think they'd actually have done some pretty good business, but I could be wrong. In any event, I got all the way to the theater when it was pointed out to me by the guy washing the windows that the theater wasn't open. Poo.

Cleaning Up
With that entertainment plan dashed, I returned home to clean out the garage and vacuum the car. Yes, I know that sounds like a poor substitute for a fun movie, but it was actually pretty good. I moved a table from the side to the back of the garage, tucked the cross-country skis into the corner (not likely to be using them here in the mid-South and, frankly, I'm not sure where my ski boots are anyway), moved the coolers (three of them) out of the middle of the floor and swept up. Earlier in the day I cleaned out my closets and got rid of a bunch of clothes, including some items of clothing I have apparently never worn (the tags are still intact). There is a sizeable stack of clothing awaiting a ride to the Goodwill Store. A couple of sweaters, some dress pants, some dress shirts, a jacket or two, dresses and shoes. About the only thing I didn't put in the pile are belts, pajamas and t-shirts. I do have t-shirts to get rid of, but I didn't actually go through the dresser drawers this weekend. Perhaps next weekend. After I finish with the clothes, I'll go through the other stuff in my house that's been boxed up since I moved here a year ago. If I haven't used it in the past year and I don't remember what's in a box, I can probably do without it. Makes sense, doesn't it? Yet it's still incredibly hard to do.

Holiday Grilling
I fired up the grill again today. I have freshly grilled tomatoes, onions, eggplant and portabello mushroom caps. I made my usual mushroom sammich on toasted ciabatta roll with grilled onion, eggplant, mixed baby greens and ungrilled tomato slices. It was yummy. I have enough mushrooms and bread for five more sammiches. I know what I'm having for dinner the rest of the week. I've got hummus for lunch sammiches with baby greens and cucumbers. Add in some fresh fruit and yogurt and that's a fine lunch repast, don't you think?

Tomorrow's Plan
After work or at lunch, I'll stop by the pool store to get patch materials for the hole in the pool. From what I've read, it's possible to patch leaks underwater without draining the pool down below the level of the leak. That would be good since the leak is about 5 inches above the bottom of the pool. I'll see if they can order me the top of the filter unit and a pressure gauge too and how much that will cost. Hopefully the repairs will be simple to manage. Simple is good.

I don't know if I mentioned the fiasco with the ceiling light fixture in the computer room. I had to change a light bulb so I took the shade off the fixture. When I tried to put it back, I discovered that the threads on the spindle were damaged so the nut wouldn't screw back on. The shade has been sitting on the spare computer desk for several months now. I found replacement threaded spindles at Lowe's a couple of weeks ago. When I got home I discovered that the existing threaded spindle cannot be removed from the fixture. At least I can't manage to remove it. So I went back to Lowe's on Saturday to examine the spare light fixture parts section for another solution. What I found was a complete ceiling fixture, minus the glass shade. For the exorbitant price of about $4. Sure beats paying $30 for the complete fixture. Now I just have to cut the power to the room, get the old fixture removed and get the new fixture wired in. I am hoping I won't find any surprises in the ceiling when I get the old fixture down.


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