Balancing Productivity and Relaxation

I got off to a quick start this morning with an early breakfast, spraying the weeds in the backyard, repairing the pool filter and weeding/cleaning up one of the front flower beds. Then I got tired, returned some phone calls and caught up on e-mail. I took a couple of breaks, then patched the leaks in the pool (the water wasn't as cold as I thought it would be), fixed a bit of dinner and started the laundry. Tomorrow I'll mow the lawn (and get out the weed whacker) and maybe wash the car.

The car washing is a maybe since it's supposed to rain half of next week, but it really does need to be washed and waxed too. I'll probably just do it anyway. I know it's crazy, but waxing my car is relatively soothing as an activity and not a bad upper body workout. I have yet to be successful in not hearing "wax on, wax off" at some point in the process.

This evening, I'm watching Chaplin's Great Dictator and knitting. It's not quite 8pm and I'm ready to go to bed. It doesn't really seem like I did enough work to be this tired, but there you have it.


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