"Everyone is Entitled to Our Opinion"

So reads the online version of the New York Times today. The opinions columns are now free and not restricted to paid subscribers. Yay!! Now I can read even more of the NYT every day. The powers that be in the land of "All the News that's Fit to Print" have decided to forgo the subscriber fees in exchange for free opinions which are advertiser sponsored. They have apparently discovered that advertisers pay more than subscribers.

Movies Coming Soon!
I really want to see Eastern Promises It looks like a very suspenseful, fast moving, well-crafted film. (and not just for the tattoos and naked Viggo Mortensen. It really looked like a good movie before I heard about the naked parts.) What intrigues me is that in the trailers, Mr. Mortensen's character is really really creepy and dark. He played a bad guy with a mob background in History of Violence, but didn't have quite the creepy edge to him. Nor did his character in A Perfect Murder. The character in Eastern Promises looks creepy and dark enough to make it hard to picture him again as Tolkein's eternal champion, Aragorn. So I'm really looking forward to seeing this movie. Except that it's NOT OPEN HERE. *pouts*

Ira and Abby isn't open here either. *pouts harder*

And the biggest pout of all?
Twitchh is NOT WORKING today (he just got back from a trip) and he is NOT talking to me. So I'm BOOOOOOOOOOOOORED and he says he's waiting to talk to the silly Dish Network guy. What*ever*!

(Hee hee. That was fun. And so completely not serious.)

Aggravating Science Tidbit for the Day:
On NPR this morning, there was a segment about the scanning cargo for radioactive emissions when it comes through the big seaports, like Long Beach, California. The segment mentioned trying to differentiate between serious radiation and the "benign substances which are naturally radioactive". I don't know what sort of benign substances they're talking about but people are naturally radioactive and I don't know that I'd classify humans as necessarily "benign". Frankly, just about everything is naturally radioactive, given that there are LOTS of elements which have radioactive isotopes. Bananas, for example, contain a lot of potassium, which means they also contain the radioactive isotopes of potassium. Presumably the segment was referring to other radioactive substances or else they're confused about what things in this universe are naturally radioactive.


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