Interesting Choice of Acronyms

At work we will, for some purposes, be replacing our VPN (virtual private network) connection for with new connection software that will allow concurrent network connections. This new software has a name. It's the Health Services Security Interface. HSSI. Pronounced "hissy". One of the IT guys tacked on "For Intelligent Technicians" to the end of the title. Now we'll forever remember it as HSSI-FIT.

Of course, the kvetching immediately began about how there's new software they won't train us on. It has been explained repeatedly that the actual application hasn't changed, just the way we access it. All this thing will do is ask them to login and provide a password on a website whose location has already been provided. If that requires formal training, I think a different job might be a better choice. I'm sorry, but the jobs we do require some rudimentary computer skills. It's not the responsibility of your employer to cause you to be qualified to do your job and, yes, sometimes the requirements of the job change WHILE you are in the job. I realize I'm in the minority in this belief as well as many others, but I believe in improving myself/my skills while in a job so that I can continue to do a spectacular job of it. Even if that means taking some initiative myself and pursuing training or (*gasp!*) reading/learning something on my own time.

Then again, I have chosen to have a career doing something I enjoy. Not something I just do to get a paycheck where I will put in the bare minimum and then cop an attitude when someone asks or expects me to do anything more. Yeah, yeah. I know. I'm a radical nutcase, but why do something you dislike when you can get paid to play at something you enjoy? :o)

Elsewhere at work....

PanBio units are NOT the same thing as antibody titers. Increasing 1-2 PanBio units is NOT necessarily the same as a 4-fold increase in antibody titer. Furthermore, when the case definition for a disease specifically states "4-fold increase in antibody titer", it means just that, not an increase of 1-2 PanBio units. When I discuss this matter with the central office and explain that the case you have just recently declared to be a confirmed case is actually NOT a confirmed case, do not get pissy with me because you were wrong. Heck, I was wrong about it too, until they explained it. It just means changing the classification. I am interested in having the reporting of diseases done correctly and accurately. I am not interested in pointing out that people are wrong. However, one of my job responsibilities is, in fact, quality assurance with regards to reporting. If there is an error, it's my job to correct it, even when *I* mess things up (and I do mess things up). It's nothing personal. I didn't tell you that *you* were stupid or wrong. I said the classification of the patient was wrong. It ain't that big a deal. It sure isn't anything to get upset or cranky about. Like I said, *I* goofed it up too and when it was explained to me I did feel stupid, but I got over it.

A Concert I'd Love to See
Led Zeppelin is playing a reunion concert in London this November. Of course, that's a wee bit outside my budget, unless I choose to be completely fiscally irresponsible, which would rather take the fun out of the whole experience. I will, instead, pick up some good beer and blast my Led Zep CDs that day/evening.

On that note, I'm going to brew me a nice cup of Sleepytime tea and knit myself silly.


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