Rainy Days

The weather appears to be attempting to make up for the six to eight weeks we had no rain at all. It rained all day and very hard at times. I wouldn't ordinarily mind, except that my car (2003 VW Golf) has developed a bad habit of taking on water whenever it rains. It was a rather slow leak. Now I end up with water pooling along the left side of the trunk. I have no idea where it's coming from. I have ruled out the wheel well and I think I ruled out the tail light. It might also be the sun roof or the seal to the hatch.

I was planning to take it to a dealer at the end of the month when I'm attending yet another out of town meeting, which is conveniently located 2 blocks from a VW dealer. The problem is that I really ought to skip the meeting and get some work done (the meeting program doesn't actually appeal to me much at all). Fiscally, I really need to not go and save some money too, since this conference would be entirely out of my own pocket. Sigh.

Speaking of Work...
I'm doing mind numbing amounts of data cleaning. Tomorrow I'll get out the iPod and try to hammer through a bunch of it. We got the second half of the contact list for the latest TB case.

On a brighter note, I did get a phone call from a retired Lt. Colonel who is now working for a county HD in TX. We had corresponded about pandemic and avian influenza plans a few months ago and he said he wanted to keep in touch after he left the military and went into public service. I'll ping him tomorrow and see how things are going.

Last Friday, I found out that I got in to a GIS training course at the last minute. My office is attempting to get final approval from the central office, but so far hasn't heard anything back. The class starts on Wednesday at 8:30am. Theoretically I would leave tomorrow afternoon about 2:30pm, but I suspect the approval won't be here by then. I suppose I ought to pack for a two day trip, just in case, but I don't think I'll hold my breath. Part of me wants to take the class and part of me is tired of traveling and doesn't really care if I go or not.

More Bad CSI writing
The handgun is NOT a revolver if it has a slide and a magazine, not a cylinder. Bad CSI, bad.


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