Happy Belated Birthday Sputnik!!

Kinda hard to believe that Sputnik started the space race *FIFTY* years ago yesterday. (Then again, it's hard to believe that Voyager launched thirty years ago.) For being a rather basic chunk of metal and electronics, Sputnik certainly got everybody's attention in the US when the Soviet Union launched it. And our popular culture now associates that little *beep*beep*beep* noise with space travel and satellites.

Racking up the Frequent Driver Miles
Headed back north again this weekend. It's Marathon weekend. There is likely to be a record high temperature on Sunday, which is not a good thing. I'm hanging out in my favorite Panera Bread restaurant in Champaign, using their free wi-fi and slurping some tasty coffee with my everything bagel. I'll have lunch here, then head to the McCormick Center in downtown Chicago to pick up my race packet and wander through the race fitness expo. I have brought my copy of "The Courage to Start" by John Bingham in hopes that I might get Mr. Bingham to autograph it. Then I'll head out to Mom's house in the midst of rush hour traffic (w00t!!) and have dinner with Mom, Becky, Jo and the kids (Grace and Ryan).

Later in the weekend, Jo and I go get my hair cut and then go shopping. I have virtually no sense of style, so I always get someone else to go shopping with me. I've brought some of the "work wardrobe" I currently have so we have something with which to work and Jo can see what I ordinarily wear. We're also going to hit the Clinique counter and get me some new make up. We're hoping we'll get a good match on the foundation if we use a makeup counter instead of trying to guess if a color is a match by looking at the bottle in the drugstore.

Saturday night we're having a girl's night out with a dinner and a movie. Sunday we'll do some more shopping and torment the kids. Monday I'll head back south, stopping in Champaign for lunch with my Champaign Police Department buddies. I figure I'll get back home around 6 or 7pm, which is plenty early enough to get a load of laundry done and get squared away for work on Tuesday.

After this trip, I'm definitely going to look at getting a new set of tires on my little car. I got the oil changed last time I was up north. The tires have been getting close to the limit on tread wear and I will definitely want new ones for the winter, even if it doesn't snow in TN. I like having more tread (as opposed to less tread) in inclement weather and I'll probably be headed to Chicago in December, where I may just run into a bit of snow or ice or both.


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