Nashville Night 2

I am again comfortably ensconced in my hotel room with a belly full of food--this time it's good home cooking from Monell's. The menu tonight was fried chicken, baked chicken with stuffing, fried porkchops, greens, coleslaw, Italian green beans, corn pudding, biscuits, fried green tomatoes, broccoli salad, mashed potatoes, sauteed apples and strawberry shortcake. The food is served family style and everybody sits at big tables. Although I was a solo diner this evening, I sat with four other people, which was nice. The food is superb, which you might expect from a restaurant that's been in business since the 1880s. If they didn't have good cooking figure out by now they'd have gone out of business by now, don't you think?

Did I mention that I had all this great food *and* bought two pair of earrings for the low, low price of $18.95, including tip? I now have the perfect pair of earrings to wear with my new red/cream plaid shirt, which, oddly enough, is what I brought to wear tomorrow. Ya gotta love it when everything works out like that. :o)

So, you ask, did I already forget that post a few days ago about making better food choices? Nope. I ate lots of veggies and not just fried green tomatoes either. I had greens, broccoli salad, potatoes, corn pudding, apples, one fried chicken back and strawberry shortcake. I was good. I didn't eat excessively, though I could have passed on the strawberry shortcake without starving. I had just a spoonful of each item so I could have a taste of each, without gorging myself. With that said, I'm glad I had a good 5-6 block walk to and from the training course today. I'll get up a bit early in the morning and have a "meeting" with the hotel treadmill too.

Learning Learning Learning
The class today was good. I did have one classmate ask me the following question: "Jackson. Is that where UT-Martin is?" Jackson's about an hour south of UT-Martin, which is actually *in* Martin. I can only hope that she meant to ask how far Jackson is from Martin, but her brain and mouth failed to coordinate their actions.

Tomorrow the class will end about 4:30pm which means I'll be headed out of town with all the other commuters during rush hour, by the time I get to my car. I might just find a bookstore to hang out in for an hour, then leave town about 6pm. That will mean getting home at 8pm, but leaving at 5pm (esp if it's raining) would mean getting stuck in traffic and not getting home until 8pm anyway.


C. H. Green said…
hadn't been by in a while, checking on you. Glad you're still here. Have a great weekend.

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