I predict a giant burp.

This morning during my foggy waking up moments I heard a story on the radio talking about the injection of a carbon dioxide solution into the earth to get it out of the atmosphere. I can only hope that the scientists in charge of this have considered that carbon dioxide plus water makes carbonic acid and that acids (even weak acids) can react with rock formations to weaken them. Carbon dioxide plus water also leads to carbonated water. One good earthquake to shake things up and there's going to be a huuuuuuuge burp. Try getting your kid to not belch in public after that!

Freedom of Speech....
Yes, there is indeed freedom of speech in this country. However, that doesn't entitle you to say anything you want in all settings. For example, you aren't entitled to share religious materials on a graphic arts e-mail list particularly when that list restricts discussion to graphic arts topics. It's not about having freedom of speech. It's about an appropriate venue. Another detail to consider is that the internet isn't just in the US, so quit ranting about having your constitutional rights when the listserv you happen to be ranting on may not even be based in the US.

I did at least not chug down extra caffeine today. I'm headed to bed early tonight so I can get up early. I get to write a brief summary of the TB outbreaks at work for the higher ups at the state health department. The head TB doc doesn't think we can continue to deal with repeated outbreaks at the correctional facilities when the corrections system isn't changing some of the systematic things that are causing problems. I can't say I disagree. There are limited human and time resources available and other problems with which to deal.


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