I *swear* it wasn't hot!!

I made pizza last night for dinner. By this I do not mean I cooked a frozen pizza or ordered take-out. By "I made pizza", I mean that I made pizza dough from scratch, let it rise briefly, rolled it out, covered it with spiced up spaghetti sauce, garlic, fresh basil, dried red peppers and mozzarella, then baked it. I had about half of it last night. The other half I split between lunch and dinner today. Tonight I re-heated the pizza in the toaster oven so the crust would remain crispy. When I ate dinner tonight, I let the pizza cool a bit and started noshing. I do not recall the pizza being too hot to eat comfortably. And yet....

I have a blister on the roof of my mouth.

And of course, I can't leave it alone. I'm pushing at it with my tongue. It's as annoying as having food stuck in your teeth that you can't get out. I only hope the blister resorbs itself and doesn't burst. I suspect it would really hurt if it burst. Hopefully I won't mess with it in my sleep and cause it to pop.

The Weekend Recap
I did get the pool closed. The cover went on with little trouble. I was briefly worried about halfway through the process when the wind caught the edge and caused the cover to billow up, but then the wind died down and things proceeded smoothly from there. Next time I won't try dragging the cover on *against* the wind. I haven't yet disconnected the pump, but I can do that later this week.

Didn't bother mowing the lawn. I did, however, spray the weeds. I used this as an excuse to NOT mow the lawn since the directions clearly state you shouldn't mow for 1-2 days before or *after* spraying. So I can mow tomorrow. :o)

Washed the car today.

Gamed for a couple hours last night. Re-learned how to get to the Fiuns dungeon. I knew that Wayne had helped me set it up as a portal recall location, but I couldn't remember for sure. So he had me cast the portal and then he ran through it to check. (Better him than me since I wouldn't have recognized it anyway.) As a group we ran a quest to get writs of refuge. I am not entirely certain what those are for, but I think it's part of the paperwork necessary to get an apartment or other residence. I prolly ought to check on that. In any event, the group thing went pretty well until we got to a dungeon where we were all using fire weps. This isn't a bad thing except that they give off smoke which makes it rather difficult to see in a dungeon with a low ceiling or low light levels. At one point Ucap shouted "Follow me!", but he was off the mini-map before I could see which way he ran. I tried running in what I thought was the right direction, but didn't see anybody, so then I tried running around in other directions and didn't find them. MacDagir eventually found me, but I got him lost too. So we killed monsters until everybody else found us and it worked out fine. Then nearly everybody missed a rather tricky jump at least once. I am *horrible* at jumping in games, so expected to miss the jump and, with the help of a little computer lag, I did indeed miss the jump twice. It did wonders for my confidence to see the experienced gamers blow the jump too. The third time I got it and then I aced the next two tricky jumps. I think I will practice jumping around the mansion, since there are some small areas where shift-jumps and tap-jumps would be needed to get around and then I wouldn't need to worry about getting killed either.

A good part of Saturday was spent spinning up some lovely merino wool. I had intended to spin or knit on Sunday too, but it just didn't happen. I took a couple of naps, did laundry and waded through a backlog of e-mail instead. I also ironed my clothes for the next week, which I rarely ever do in advance.

This week I have already made pizza. I will have pasta tomorrow night and probably make soup the night after that. There's a plethora of lettuce in the garden, if the neighbor's dogs haven't dug it up or run it over yet. I think I'll make a big salad for lunch tomorrow. Yum! That reminds me, I need to harvest the basil for the last time this year before it freezes, which could be soon. I'll process it with a little water and freeze it in cubes to use in soups and sauces. Basil, to me, is the herbal version of summer.

In my quest for pizza dough last night, I hauled out my copy of Bernard Clayton's New Complete Book of Breads. I was once again struck with the idea that I could bake my way through his book. It could be fun. I could skip things that sound unappetizing, but I could work on my bread baking skills and produce some yummy bread this winter. I have had this idea about working my way through cookbooks in the past, but it's always strongest with Mr. Clayton's bread cookbook. He writes very clearly and the directions are easy to follow with estimates of how long each step will take, so you know exactly how much time you need to complete a given recipe. Next time I go to the library I'll have to see if they have any of his other books.

The Cold Lingereth
There is apparently a neverending supply of goo in the left side of my head and it is slowly but surely dripping down the left side of my throat. So I have a sore throat, but only on the left side. As long as the right side stays clear, I'm ok. I have a sneaking suspicion, however, that the viruses will mosey their little selves over to the other side of my head by the end of the week. I'd like to keep this cold restricted to my head and not develop a cough. I *hate* having a cold with a cough, especially a non-productive cough. Productive coughs are bad enough when you feel like you're coughing up lung tissue but at least it seems like you're clearing stuff out of your chest. Non-productive coughs are just annoying and tiring.

I still want to know where all the goo is coming from.


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