Ahhhh....the joys of a pre-heated bed

I put the electric blanket on my bed last night and promptly pre-heated my bed to a lovely, toasty temperature. This was just the thing for a tired little traveler finally returning to her own bed. Surprisingly I didn't have any difficulties getting to sleep, though I was up a bit later than I had wanted. I wanted to have lights out by about 9:30, but 10:30 wasn't too bad. I must have gotten decent sleep because I woke up bright and early at 5am, before the alarm clock went off.

Since I am striving to avoid turning on the heat until at least November 1, the electric blanket feels really goooooood. On the other hand, it's really hard to get out of bed when it's all toasty warm.

The Annoyance of Rhinoviruses
When I woke up, I found that my throat was very very sore and my left nasal sinuses were not happy. Not stuffy, not runny. You know that feeling your eyes get when you've spent too much time in the pool and then too much time in the sun? That sort of irritated, itchy feeling? That is what my left sinuses felt like. I had hot oatmeal for breakfast with hot coffee. Had a whole pot of Lemon Zinger tea (it's only 4 cups) while at work to try and break things loose/thin things out. Had Mexican food for lunch, which everybody else commented was really spicy, but I found to be not even moderately zippy. For dinner I made Spanish rice, which was definitely not spicy, but was nice and steaming hot.

I don't want to have a cold. I haven't had a cold in almost 2 years. I suspect this one was transferred to me via my Mom and Becky from Ryan. He was sick in early October, then Becky got sick. When we met in Nashville to go to the Opry, I was pre-occupied with chewing my fingernails, so had plenty of time to ingest any viruses Becky was shedding onto faucets, door handles, steering wheel, etc. Oh well. It had to happen some time. I'll just make a point of eating extra healthy, drinking lots of fluids, and not overexerting myself this weekend.

Speaking of the weekend...
Here's the evil plan:
Saturday I'll sleep until I wake up, which will probably be about 7am. I need to start laundry and do the routine house cleaning stuff. In the afternoon I'll wash my car and might get the lawn mowed, if it dries enough. Will have to put the pool cover on and bring in the pump. The water temp is about 60 now so I'm really hoping I can manage this exercise without getting in the water. Saturday night I'll work on the revisions of the Antique Pattern Library site while watching Lara Croft: Tomb Raider in the background.

Sunday I'll sleep late, drink coffee in my comfy chair while reading my favorite comics, finish my laundry, finish the housekeeping, pay my bills, read and maybe do some yardwork and bake some cookies. I might go see a movie, but that will all depend upon finding a movie that I want to see. After a cursory glance at the schedule, I'm not particularly optimistic.

I'm hoping to sneak in some knitting time and a lot of relaxing time, hoping that this will help me kick this cold faster. There is definitely a certain amount of "nothing" that I hope to accomplish. This is the first weekend in four weeks where I haven't been driving somewhere at least 2 hours away. My car won't know what to do with itself!

Next week:
I have decided against going to the public health conference. I need to do some work and I'll get a lot more done when most of the office isn't in the office. I'd like to get the TB database built on the server and also see how much data entry I can do in the spreadsheet. Then there's the manuscript that I wrote almost a year ago that needs to have final revisions done and another project that I need to research/outline. I have quite a stack of reading to catch up on as well. And Monday is flu shot day at the office, so I'll have to wear short sleeves or put a t-shirt on under my sweater.

But first, my pre-heated bed is calling me....


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