Home For a Bit

Well, just for the first part of the week. After that I'm off to Chicago for marathon weekend. I'm not running, then again I didn't "run" the first time either. I walked, so walking again it is. The training just didn't come together well enough to run much, especially with the heat wave we had in July. On top of that, I have lovely blisters on both feet from the dress shoes I wore on Friday. It would seem that my feet have "grown" in the past year while I've been wearing clogs and sandals nearly every day. I will be getting rid of a lot of dress shoes. They're in great shape, just not quite the right size. It will take me a while to replenish the shoe wardrobe.

I was marginally surprised to see that I didn't gain a bunch of weight over the weekend. Or else my body hasn't had a chance to add it yet. I had buckwheat pancakes and hash browns on both Saturday and Sunday morning at The Courier Cafe. I just might have breakfast there again on Friday or I could have lunch there instead.

The Pro Anniversary Gathering
The party was fun. It was good to see my former co-workers. Dr. Pete showed up. I hadn't seen him in a couple of years, since he was chief resident at University of Chicago. He was late because one of his patients tried to die after having surgery. (Dr. Pete's a vascular surgeon.)

I was a little irritated to have been invited to share a table with some of my co-workers only to find that they changed tables and apparently did so to gain one chair (mine). So I sat with some folks I didn't particularly know. The aforementioned co-workers had told me they were all excited to see me and wanted to hear about the new job, then took off early without saying good-bye or even talking to me. Sigh.

But I got to talk to Dr. Pete which was good. We used to get together a couple times a week for coffee and to de-stress. He looks a whole lot more relaxed and happier than the last time I saw him. Oddly enough, he said the same thing about me.


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