Which is Worse?

The fact that our current President has an advisor known as "Bush's Brain" and that presumably he's not smart enough on his own OR that even *with* "Bush's Brain" he manages to do remarkably unintelligent things, thus indicating that Mr. Rove isn't particularly effective in the role of Presidential Brain. Is it worse to have a brainless president or to have the president's hired brain be not-so-smart too. Surely you'd think the president's handlers could have hired someone better in for that job. Then again, the smart ones would either never accept the job or be too difficult to handle, being capable of independent thought, etc.

This is Gonna Irk Me
Rescuers digging for the buried miners have observed that the operation is not completely safe. They have pointed this situation out. So the mining company reassigns them to jobs elsewhere in the company and the dig goes on unchanged. This is gonna bite the mining company in the behind if they have another collapse in the face of ongoing seismic activity. Perhaps it's my background with EMS work, but you do NOT put the rescuers in danger trying to save people. What is the purpose in generating more victims? Not to mention the fact that it completely distracts the rescuers from the job at hand thus increasing their risk of injury and decreasing their effectiveness.

Oh, and there was a collapse in this same mine recently and that section was supposed to have been abandoned. Except that it's right next to the currently collapsed area and there's some question if the mining practices being used (mining the coal from the support pillars in anticipation of closing that area) should have been done in a potentially unstable zone.

Staff Meeting Today
This could be interesting. It's the first meeting with the new director. I'm waiting to see how she handles telling folks that I'm going to be the public information officer (PIO) for the smoking cessation program that is the state health commissioner's pet project. I also got handed a document yesterday on "Provisional Metrics for the Operational Definitions for Local Health Departments". It didn't actually have the metrics in it, but it did have the standards for the definitions. It looks like we'll be standardizing things across the state to meet an accreditation standard. Whatcha wanna bet I get to write a lot of the documentation? It's not exactly what I expected to do in this job and I don't have a lot of experience in it, but at least *someone* at my job understands that I am capable of doing more than data entry and is willing to let me do more.


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