Sweating All Over

Sweating All Over
And not just because of the heat!! I got my bahookie up on my bicycle today for a 35 minute workout. I believe I have discovered the key to staying motivated on the trainer. Tonight I set a timer for 40 minutes and got to pedalling. I also flipped the TV to Turner Classic Movies, which has no commercials, so I couldn't really tell how quickly or slowly time was passing. It was good. I'll do it again tomorrow. Surprisingly my seat bones didn't complain a bit until the end. I'll do it again tomorrow. I'm at a point now where I think it's time for two-a-day workouts. It might be cool enough in the mornings now for walking/running. Then I can get in some extra work on the trainer at night. And *still* have time to knit too!

Squash! Squash! Squash!
I'm slowly accumulating acorn squash for the fall/winter. I might have enough to eat one a week for the whole winter! I'll have to start looking up recipes. Right now about all I know to do with winter squash is roast it and then either eat it in chunks or puree it. I'm sure there's more to do with it than that.

I Feel Bad About My Neck
Actually, I don't, but Nora Ephron feels bad about hers. This book is a collection of essays on various subjects including fashion, real estate and cooking. I am greatly amused by her sense of humor. It's a rather cynical and dry approach that is reminiscent of Dave Barry, Andy Rooney and myself. There's a good bit of philosophy in the book too that I'll have to write down and ponder. I'm also inspired to write a bit more since, after all, it's all narrative.

Where Have the Hats Gone?
I've been watching 1940s and 1950s era films lately. Women used to have a vast assortment of hats apparently. I can't imagine the size of the storage area necessary to store a hat wardrobe. I thought I didn't have enough closet space and I haven't got any hats, other than some baseball caps. Just why did hats go out of style anyway? Was it because the closet space became taken up by other things? If everything that was one in style comes back at some point, how did hats miss their turn? They certainly haven't been in style since I was born, though plenty of other less attractive things have come back around. I'm not sure I could manage a hat myself. I have a hard enough time managing my hair and I don't do a terribly good job of it most of the time. Of course, at the moment I really need a haircut, which makes it even more difficult to manage.


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