Apparently I am not the only one

who has taken a serious dislike to the vicious and violent tendencies on the message board I posted about yesterday. Today the owner of the board indicated that such behavior will not be tolerated any longer and that permanent bans *will* be handed out. This was precipitated by one board member making yet another threat to shoot, beat or kill anybody who disagreed with him. Someone else observed that such a reaction seemed a bit out of proportion. I commented that lately the board seemed to be particularly vitriolic and violent in tendencies. Several other people agreed. This was followed by the owner of the board stating that the attitudes would be changing. Of course, the primary purveyor of the violence later stated that he wasn't going to let anybody take control of the board. He also made a point of claiming ownership to the unborn child of a board member and threatened to use a Masai spear on her if she didn't hurry up and give birth. I don't care what sort of sense of humor you have--that's beyond distasteful.

Said jerk has now been warned for continued violent postings. (He had threatened to kick a guy's ass because the guy said he doesn't carry condoms at all times since he doesn't engage in random sex/hook-ups. This apparently was an unacceptable answer and the jerk MUST control everybody/everything, which he accomplishes by threatening everybody. I can only assume that he's horribly insecure.) My personal prediction is that jerk will be permanently banned by the end of tomorrow because he'll be completely unable to not threaten someone with death for failing to tie their shoes in the "correct" way.


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