It finally got around to raining tonight. Rain the temperature of bathwater. Just barely enough to wet the deck surface and now the deck is nearly dry again. Hopefully it will soak into the ground overnight so that the air won't be super humidified. We might get lucky and have the temperature drop a bit too. We cheered last week when the temperature was down to only 95 degrees. Today the temperature was up to 108 again with a heat index approaching 115.

No Shoe Joy
I bought new shoes last week. I needed a new pair of light hikers, which I wear to work most of the year and everywhere else. I also got a new pair of running shoes so I could get them broken in before the race in October. This was an excellent plan and I got a fantastic price. I loved the shoes too. Except that they were both too small. Just walking up and down the hallway got the toes of my right foot up against the end of my shoe. Definitely not going to be a shoe I can wear in the race. I'd lose my toenail before the end of the race.

Quote of the Day
From the TV show Army Wives, "Did we all lose the directions to the 'high road'?" referring to some of the Army wives with respect to their spiteful gossiping. It's just the perfect thing to say when there is a group of people behaving badly. I'll add it to my list.

It Really Doesn't Work That Way
I don't know what the show is, but they just defibrillated some girl on the SciFi channel. She'd been pronounced dead when she reached out and grabbed a guy's arm. So he tells the doctor to shock her while she's holding onto his arm. Nobody checks her pulse at all first. As often happens, she's shocked three times and miraculously regains consciousness. And the dude doesn't get shocked at all. I know two medical staff who have been in physical contact with a patient who got shocked and they really recommend NOT doing that for two reasons: It hurts and there's a risk of goofing up the electrical activity in your heart too.


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